Asbestos Removal

Graham Tech Environmental Service’s abatement services are second to none. We have developed and maintained the best trained and most skilled work force in the region. We bring the experience gained from the successful completion of thousands of projects to each new challenge.

Fully licensed and bonded, we perform all work with in-house capabilities, and we offer quick and efficient response to the Tr-State areas. GTES can also provide informative outreach sessions to building occupant, tenants and trade groups.

All of our technicians are AHERA trained in accordance with EPA regulatory requirements. These skilled technicians utilize the latest technologies to remove your asbestos in the most cost effective manner while maintaining a high level job site safety. GTES is particularly effective at accomplishing abatement without disrupting clients’ routine operations. We also meet or exceed every OSHA and EPA requirement and provide you with a full report upon completion of the project.

Many businesses, institutions, and government agencies with large or multiple facilities have an ongoing need for asbestos management. With this in mind, GTES offers a Term Services Program (TSP), through which we provide long-term service with numerous advantages, including emergency response and guaranteed rates for labor and materials for the life of the agreement.